Is Shared Hosting Right for Me?

Whether you operate a small personal blog, or a business website, shared hosting is a great choice to with. Shared hosting is recognized as the most commonly used and most cost effective way to host your websites. Although, you have many different options to choose from, shared hosting will be great if you only need to host a few websites. However, large websites which take in thousands of users a day will need to be hosted on much larger systems, like a dedicated server.
First off, let’s have a look at what shared hosting actually is. As mentioned before, shared hosting is the most commonly used hosting solution on the internet. Over ninety percent of the websites online are hosted on a shared hosting plan. For a company to offer shared hosting, it will need a server. The server’s specifications will vary from company to company, as every server is built according to requirements. Once the server is with the hosting company, they will use it to supply users with space, to host their websites. When you purchase a shared hosting plan, you will be put on one of these servers, along with hundreds of other users. The concept here is that, you are sharing the server with many other clients of the company, hence the name shared hosting.
Since many users can be added on one single server, the company can easily generate revenue to pay off the server. This is how hosting companies are able to offer you with great deals on shared hosting plans. Unlike free hosting service, with shared hosting; you will receive support for your services. If you have any issues with the hosting service, you have the option of calling or chatting with representatives with the company. Now, not all companies offer support service, and the ones that do, do not always offer the best service. It is your duty to find a hosting company that will be able to offer the best support service. The internet is home to many webhosting review websites, so you should definitely make use of them. Hosting review websites have information on pretty much any company’s service.
If your website is brand new, or if you feel your website does not consume much resource, you can consider choosing a shared hosting plan. The one thing to remember is that, since you are on a shared hosting plan, the actions of other users will affect your hosting experience. If another user’s website is receiving large amounts of traffic, this may affect your websites speeds. If another website on the server is attacked or under goes a data breach, your data may be affected as well. The best thing to do is confirm the server security and reliability with the company, prior to buying the hosting plan. The big brand companies in the market are very experienced in the business, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best service possible.

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