Google Plus- Is it Dead?

Google Plus, the chided version of Facebook is pretty live. The tech geeks believe the site is still around, while the newbies think what the heck is Google Plus. Well, it is a social networking tool similar to the Facebook. And that’s the reason why it is has not been able to gain the same momentum as its rival.

Here are few reasons why Google Plus is still clinging on to the Facebook Era

Google Plus acts as a Social Binder

Google released few updates on its social network- Events feature and new ways of sharing photos within the small groups. Perhaps, it is an understood fact that company doesn’t see the Google Plus as a social networking tool.

Vic Gundotra unveiled the fact that the Google Plus is an upgraded version of the Google. On the filip side this statement seems quite convincing, as it is losing on the number front. Or one can call it a smart move because google plus has a potential to act as a social binder that integrates all the products of the Google like You Tube and Google search together.


Unfazed by the fact, that Facebook has more passionate audience in contrast to the Google Plus. Keeping the numbers straight, Facebook has 900 million users, while google has dedicated 150 million monthly active users. The primary reason is Facebook is able to engage the audience in a better fashion and for a longer time.

Some of the critics clearly say that the users on the google are not really the users of the Google Plus. The infrastructure, street lights and plots are there, but no one is visiting. It is a barren land that smells like a hospital. Even they went on saying that it’s similar to going onboard to a wrong conference room.

But let’s put an end to this negativity and understand that google plus is a feature that completes what google was trying to do in the last 10 years. They are trying to keep their audience on the mainstream because they have a complete eco system.

It is for this reason Google Plus is not dead. Moreover, if you have a Google account, sooner or later you’ll join the bandwagon of Google plus. It’s just a matter of time. Also, a point to be noted- Facebook took 9 years to reach this level, while Google plus is still a baby in the cradle.

If a tech geek is faced with the question whether he wants Facebook or Google Plus. The honest answer would be both. Because one can remain connected with the friends, family and boss on the facebook, while Google plus is a platform where people of same like and dislike come together.

A facebook big wig went on saying that when you use Facebook the brain releases a hormone called oxytocin and eventually everyone want to get a dose of it. But when you interact with the people on the Google Plus it can also provide you the warm fuzzy feeling.

For now, the Google plus is limited to connect, interact and comment. But with some modifications it could turn out to be more benefitial and useful.

Smartphone apps

The google plus has released a new app on the ipad and it is labelled as outstanding. Although Facebook is an Achilles heel of the smartphone and no mobile company can lose their share in Google and Facebook face off.

Still the Google plus is giving hard time to the facebook execs.


Google plus is planning to launch Google Car and Google Glass, it is an ideal way to share on G+ and thus people will be forced to join the Google Ecosystem.

Google Hangout

The facebook could be worried about the crowning achievement of the Google plus in form of hangout. It is a video chat service that allows friends and strangers to share conversation in the groups. One can record conversation, ask live audience, and this feature is in rage among celebrities and politicians.

The Heather Kelly, a CNN tech clearly commented that as social networking Google plus is flop, yet its video chat hangout tool is the clear winner.

Thus, in the end we would like to conclude social media is a bubble and no one knows what will happen next.

And don’t be amazed if both the exodus combines into a powerful technology. But then what will be the name of the technology?…

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